Family Size Specials

Today's Specials

Irish Mushroom Stew 1L $14 Cashew cream sauce base 1L $16
Deluxe pizza kits $25 Mac and cheese kit 4 servings $25
Falafel dozens $6 Chickpea mash 500ml $16
Gluten free Walnut Lentil loaf $24 add gravy $30 Cheezy Broccoli bake 4 serving $16
Pull apart Garlic tray $10 Vegetable Lentil soup 1L $12
1L cashew cheese sauce $17 Kale Tofu Bolognese 1L $22
Scallop potatoes 4 serv $16 Lasagna for 8 $35
1L Vegetable lentil soup with bread $15 1L Tofu Bolognese $22
Bread Loaf $8 (call day in advance)
** Order a Lentil Loaf, gravy and scallop potatoes or cheezy broccoli for $40


Last call is 2:30pm for delivery in our local area!  Pick up any time before 3pm!