All available Eat In or Take Out


Espresso  Regular or Decaf  Single $1.75  Double $2.50  extra shot $1.25

10 oz 16 oz Extra Espresso $0.80 Cold Drinks
Cappuccino $3.75 $5.50 Bottled Water $1.50
Americano $2.75 $5.25 Soda Water $2.50
Drip Coffee $1.85 $2.60 Smoothe $3.50
Hot Chocolate $3.45 $4.25 Kids $1.50 Chocolate   Soy $2.50
Teas $2.10 Latte $4.25

 Aged Earl Grey, Golden Chai, Gunpowder Green, Chinese Breakfast, Moroccan Mint

A La Carte 

Tofu Breakfast Sandwich  Toast / Wrap / Bagel  $8.50

Marinated tofu, fresh greens, aioli, tomato, onion, cheese, garlic

Breakfast Plate $13.25

Tofu scramble, slice tomato, toast, avocado, potato hash, fresh sprouts

Breakfast Hash $7    add Tofu Scramble $4 extra

Fried potatoes, peppers, onion, spices

Avo Toast $9

Freshly mash avocado, tomato, sprouts on toasted sour dough with garlic rub

Mushroom Toastie $9

Fresh mash avocado, fragrant sauteed mushrooms on toasted sour dough with garlic rub

Chickpea Mash $8.50  Toast / Wrap / Bagel

Chickpea , mayo, dill, spices, fresh greens and onion


Chickpea Mash Melt and Soup $15.50

Mashed chickpea with cheese on toast and feature soup

Kale Salad  $13

Chopped kale, cabbage, shaved broccoli, roasted chickpeas, sesame tofu crumble, dried cranberry with house vinaigrette

Falafel by the Dozen $7.25

with garlic aioli

Red Bean and Brown Rice Burger $16 with Fries or Salad, add Poutine $3.50

House blend red bean, fresh greens, tomato, onion, garlic aioli

Poutine, full plate $10

Fresh cut fries, house made cashew curds, mushroom gravy

Grilled Cheese $8

on toast with almond cheese


Tofu $4

Chickpea Mash $3.50

Kale Salad $4

Avocado $2

Extra Veg $2

Soup with Toast $5.50

Breakfast Poutine $15

Mac & Cheese $10

Waffles with Maple Pecan Butter (2 stacks) $8 

Popcorn Chikin' with Fries $12